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Page updated on February 5th 2018

Marine Strategy Framework Directive reporting resources

Support files for the reporting on the 2018 update of articles 8, 9 & 10


All enquiries can be directed to

Guidance documents

The following documents have been developed as guides for the reporting process for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

MSFD Recommendations for publication of datasets under Article 19(3)


Schemas based on Reporting Guidance 4.2 (to be used for generation of the XML to be submitted to CDR):

Updated on 05.02.2018

Schema of the Common Indicator Structure (to be used for indicators publication):

Updated on 19.01.2018

Schema of MSFD 4 Geo:

Data especifications in UML

The UML provides developers the capacity to implement their own reporting tools.

See below the UML diagrams for human reading:


The following specifications are the basis of the quality assessment tools

Reporting tools:

Access Database

This is the Access database you can use to report on MSFD:


A process of prefilling has been done to facilitate the reporting. The used data is the one which was reported in 2012. You can download the data for each country and schema in xml format:

Country Article 9 GES Article 10 Targets
Belgium ART9_GES_BE.xml
(Data extracted from: ANSBE_MSFD9GES_20130314.xml)
(Data extracted from: ANSBE_MSFD10TI_20130314.xml)
Bulgaria ART9_GES_BG.xml
(Data extracted from: BLKBG_MSFD9GES_20130815.xml)
(Data extracted from: BLKBG_MSFD10TI_20130815.xml)
Croatia ART9_GES_HR.xml
(Data extracted from: MADHR_MSFD9GES_20141014.xml)
(Data extracted from: MADHR_MSFD10TI_20141014.xml)
Cyprus ART9_GES_CY.xml
(Data extracted from: MSFD9GES_20130426_145959.xml)
(Data extracted from: MSFD10TI_20130430_165323.xml)
Denmark ART9_GES_DK.xml
(Data extracted from: BALDK_MSFD9GES_20130109.xml, ANSDK_MSFD9GES_20130111.xml)
(Data extracted from: ANSDK_MSFD10TI_20130219.xml, BALDK_MSFD10TI_20130219.xml)
Estonia ART9_GES_EE.xml
(Data extracted from: MSFD9GES_20130430_141744.xml)
(Data extracted from: MSFD10TI_20130430_141749.xml)
Germany ART9_GES_DE.xml
(Data extracted from: BALDE_MSFD9GES_20121015.xml, ANSDE_MSFD9GES_20121015.xml)
(Data extracted from: BALDE_MSFD10TI_20121015.xml, ANSDE_MSFD10TI_20121015.xml)
Greece ART9_GES_EL.xml
(Data extracted from: MALGR_MSFD9GES_20130430.xml, MICGR_MSFD9GES_20130430.xml, MADGR_MSFD9GES_20130430.xml)
(Data extracted from: MALGR_MSFD10TI_20130430.xml, MICGR_MSFD10TI_20130430.xml, MADGR_MSFD10TI_20130430.xml)
Finland ART9_GES_FI.xml
(Data extracted from: MSFD9GES_20130515_140715.xml)
(Data extracted from: MSFD10TI_20130515_140728.xml)
France ART9_GES_FR.xml
(Data extracted from: MWEFR_MSFD9GES_20130405.xml, ABIFR_MSFD9GES_20130405.xml, ACSFR_MSFD9GES_20130405.xml, ANSFR_MSFD9GES_20130405.xml)
(Data extracted from: MWEFR_MSFD10TI_20130405.xml, ABIFR_MSFD10TI_20160531.xml, ACSFR_MSFD10TI_20160531.xml, ANSFR_MSFD10TI_20160531.xml)
Ireland ART9_GES_IE.xml
(Data extracted from: ACSIE_MSFD9GES_20160323.xml)
(Data extracted from: ACSIE_MSFD10TI_20160323.xml)
Italy ART9_GES_IT.xml
(Data extracted from: MSFD9GES_20130506_101834.xml)
(Data extracted from: MSFD10TI_20130506_101847.xml)
Latvia ART9_GES_LV.xml
(Data extracted from: MSFD9GES_20130430_215711.xml)
(Data extracted from: MSFD10TI_20130430_215739.xml)
Lithuania ART9_GES_LT.xml
(Data extracted from: BALLT_MSFD9GES_20130423.xml)
(Data extracted from: BALLT_MSFD10TI_20130423.xml)
Malta ART9_GES_MT.xml
(Data extracted from: MSFD9GES_20131105_121546.xml)
(Data extracted from: MSFD10TI_20140502_095401.xml)
Netherlands ART9_GES_NL.xml
(Data extracted from: ANSNL_MSFD9GES_20121011.xml)
(Data extracted from: ANSNL_MSFD10TI_20130426.xml)
Poland ART9_GES_PL.xml
(Data extracted from: MSFD9GES_20150130_111719.xml)
(Data extracted from: MSFD10TI_20160226_150132.xml)
Romania ART9_GES_RO.xml
(Data extracted from: RO_MSFD9GES_20130430.xml)
(Data extracted from: RO_MSFD10TI_20130430.xml)
Spain ART9_GES_ES.xml
(Data extracted from: ABIES-NOR_MSFD9GES_20121210.xml, ABIES-SUD_MSFD9GES_20121210.xml, AMAES_MSFD9GES_20121210.xml, MWEES-LEBA_MSFD9GES_20121210.xml, MWEES-ESAL_MSFD9GES_20121210.xml)
Sweden ART9_GES_SE.xml
(Data extracted from: ANSSE_MSFD9GES_20130430.xml, BALSE_MSFD9GES_20130430.xml)
(Data extracted from: ANSSE_MSFD10TI_20130430.xml, BALSE_MSFD10TI_20130430.xml)
Slovenia ART9_GES_SI.xml
(Data extracted from: )
(Data extracted from: )
United Kingdom ART9_GES_UK.xml
(Data extracted from: MADSI_MSFD9GES_20130425.xml)
(Data extracted from: MADSI_MSFD10TI_20171106.xml)

Another process of prefilling has been done using the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). You can download the data for each marine (sub)region and schema in xml format:

(Sub)Marine Region Article 8 GES Indicators
ABI ART8_GES_CFP_ABI.xml Indicators_CFP_ABI.xml
ACS ART8_GES_CFP_ACS.xml Indicators_CFP_ACS.xml
ANS ART8_GES_CFP_ANS.xml Indicators_CFP_ANS.xml
BAL ART8_GES_CFP_BAL.xml Indicators_CFP_BAL.xml

HELCOM prefilling has been done for the Article 8 GES and Indicator schemas. You can download the data for level 1 and 2 (ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_1_2.xml and Indicators_HELCOM_Level_1_2.xml) or for level 3 and 4 for each country and schema in xml format:

Country Article 8 GES Indicators
Denmark ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_DK.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_DK.xml
Estonia ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_EE.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_EE.xml
Finland ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_FI.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_FI.xml
Germany ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_DE.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_DE.xml
Latvia ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_LV.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_LV.xml
Lithuania ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_LT.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_LT.xml
Poland ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_PL.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_PL.xml
Sweden ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_SE.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_SE.xml
Open Sea ART8_GES_HELCOM_Level_3_4_OpenSea.xml Indicators_HELCOM_Level_3_4_OpenSea.xml

It is also available a prefilling based on OSPAR data for the Indicators schema (Indicators_OSPAR.xml).

The prefilled data has been compiled in an Access database, you can download the whole database (MSFD2018_Prefilling) or the data for each country:

Country Database
Belgium MSFD2018_Prefilling_BE
Bulgaria MSFD2018_Prefilling_BG
Croatia MSFD2018_Prefilling_HR
Cyprus MSFD2018_Prefilling_CY
Denmark MSFD2018_Prefilling_DK
Estonia MSFD2018_Prefilling_EE
Germany MSFD2018_Prefilling_DE
Greece MSFD2018_Prefilling_EL
Finland MSFD2018_Prefilling_FI
France MSFD2018_Prefilling_FR
Ireland MSFD2018_Prefilling_IE
Italy MSFD2018_Prefilling_IT
Latvia MSFD2018_Prefilling_LV
Lithuania MSFD2018_Prefilling_LT
Malta MSFD2018_Prefilling_MT
Netherlands MSFD2018_Prefilling_NL
Poland MSFD2018_Prefilling_PL
Portugal MSFD2018_Prefilling_PT
Romania MSFD2018_Prefilling_RO
Spain MSFD2018_Prefilling_ES
Sweden MSFD2018_Prefilling_SE
Slovenia MSFD2018_Prefilling_SI
United Kingdom MSFD2018_Prefilling_UK

Conversion tools

Not ready yet


A web-form has been developed for each schema. The following document has been developed as guide for web-forms.

The web-forms can be accessed at this url You need to click on the 'Create new session file' button to start any questionnaire (see the image below).


Merge Tool

The web-forms platform allows us to merge two files, to improve this tool we have developed an external tool where you can select the schema to use and a folder where many XML files of a same schema are located giving as result anew file merging all the information. This tool has been tested in Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Download it in this link MSFD 2018 Merger Tool, unzip it and double click in the setup.ex file to start the installation. If you find any error or want to give us some feedback to the helpdesk email.