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The following material is intended for national reporters of Bathing Water Directive data. It explains how to apply for reporting, compose the annual BWD dataset, use the Reportnet tools during the reporting process, improve the quality of deliveries, and execute the quality assessment/classification of bathing waters. The two BWD dataflows are in place: "Monitoring and Classification of Bathing Waters" (obligation 787) and "Identification of Bathing Waters" (obligation 788). The old dataflow (obligations 531 and 532) is not used any more.

BWD specific documents and data

Dataflow 788: Identification of Bathing Waters

The reporting of identified bathing waters to the Commission before the start of the bathing season (Art. 13.2) is used as the spatial dataset at the same time. It is the basis for subsequent monitoring data, therefore the list of identified bathing waters (obligation 788) should be reported before delivering the monitoring data (obligation 787). The list needs to be reported only once and will be used for any subsequent season as the official list under Art. 13.2 unless changes occur. These include identifying a new bathing water, delisting the existing one, or changing the attributes (name, location point coordinates, etc.). Only in such case, a new list should be delivered before the start of the bathing season.

The format of the delivery is spatial data file - Shapefile or GML. The pre-filled files with the lists of national bathing waters are available to national reporters at respective WISE restricted access area:{countryCode}/bwd_protectedarea_{countryCode}

National reporters are invited to download the dataset and review the pre-filled list. If correct, it can be directly delivered to the CDR folder "Identification of Bathing Waters":{countryCode}/eu/bwd/bwd_788/

Dataflow 787: Monitoring and Classification of Bathing Waters

The monitoring results, bathing water quality classification, bathing season period and other management periods (such as short-term pollution, abnormal situation, and inaccessibility) should be reported in the reporting template accessible and described in EIONET Data Dictionary. The format of the delivery is XLS spreadsheet file. Upon delivery, the dataset in the reporting template is quality-controlled using the list of QC definitions.

National reporters are invited to download the template and fulfil the three tables. The file can be delivered to the CDR folder "Monitoring and Classification of Bathing Waters":{countryCode}/eu/bwd/bwd_787/ .

In addition, Reportnet 3 is being established and can be used for reporting Monitoring and Classification data, if decided so by the national reporter. In such case, you are welcome to create a username there and request reporting permissions from BWD Helpdesk. The documentation on Reportnet 3 reporting is included within the portal.

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If you have problems with CDR please contact Eionet Helpdesk