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Water Framework Directive reporting resources

Support files for the 2016 data reporting on River Basin Management Plans


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This reporting obligation has terminated.

Helpdesk log

A document log below will be maintained through the course of the period planned in 2015 to ensure issues raised and responses are made available to all member states. Before submitting comments or questions to the Helpdesk please check whether they have already been identified and replied to in the log.

Additional document log is provided with the activity on helpdesk registered during the testing phase.

Guidance documents

After the endorsement at the Water Directors' meeting in Crete (June 2014) of the WFD Reporting Guidance 2016, the document underwent a thorough coherence and consistency check.


Schemas based on Guidance Document version 6.0.6

Updated on 27.04.2016. See the changelog for further information on the changes applied

Data especifications in UML

The UML provides developers the capacity to implement their own reporting tools.

See below the UML as images for human reading:

See below the HTML version for human reading:


The following specifications are the basis of the quality assessment tools

You can test Water Framework Directive 2016 schemas v6.0.6 and QA/QC within schema checks at

Reporting tools: Access DB and GML + Shape files

Access Database

This is the Access database you can use to report on WFD 2016:

GML schemas to report spatial data

These are the GML schemas version 6.0.6 to allow the reporting of the spatial data.

See below the UML as images for human reading:

Shapefiles to report spatial data

You can also use Shapefiles to produce the spatial data. An online tool is provided to allow the transformation of each Shapefiles to GML. GML is the only format to be used in the reporting of the spatial data. These are the Shapefiles templates version 6.0.6: