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Restricting access to files

CDR has the ability to limit access to data that might be confidential.

Let me provide an example: the new Regulation on Waste Management Statistics. Data on waste producers have to be delivered for NACE two-digits branches. In small countries some of these branches are confidential because covering only one or two enterprises. Those enterprises will not be happy to see their figures available to anybody on the repository tool.

The principle is to protect individual files - not the whole envelope. You can e.g. make the cover letter public and the rest restricted. You place restrictions on a file the same way you cut and paste. There are two blue buttons. "Limit access" and "Public access". You select some files, and then click on the relevant button.

What you will notice is that the file title has a (limited) text next to it. This shows you that the file is not available for anonymous visitors. The anonymous visitor will see a padlock sign. Zipping the envelope will also not deliver the file.

You still release the envelope. The purpose of release is to signal the dataflow requester that you have delivered.