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Nationally designated areas (NatDA)

This page contains reference material and links for the reporting of the Nationally designated areas. The dataset was formerly known as CDDA but during 2024 the acronym will gradually transition to the more accurate NatDA.

The most recent data call is available from here.

The reporting takes place on Reportnet 3 platform. Permissions are assigned by the Lead reporter. Please contact your Lead reporter or your National Data Flow Coordinator if you require to be assigned with a reporter role. The National Data Flow Coordinator appoints the Lead reporter.

If you need support with the reporting, please contact

Dataflow specific instructions

Site code allocation service

The cddaId continues to be the thematic identifier of the NatDA records. The cddaId is identical to the site code id of the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA_ID). To ensure correspondence between the cddaId of NatDA and the WDPA_ID, the Eionet agreed to add these ids to their sites and EEA distributes site code ids maintained by the WDPA via the Site code allocation service. NFPs and users with "CDDA reporter" role can log in to the Site code allocation service.

Trial use of INSPIRE download services

In 2022, a first trial to directly use INSPIRE download services on Reportnet 3 platform took place. You are welcome to try this option on existing INSPIRE protected sites download services as an alternative to uploading shapefile or GML file to Reportnet 3 platform. Please find guidance in the technical instructions for Reportnet 3 above. You may inform INSPIRE colleagues in your country about this option, please consult this list.

Supporting documents

Note on the consequences of restricting the access to the national designations for the appearance in European and global statistics

  • CDDA dissemination codes
  • Note on the use of the Designated area type (Designated site or Designated boundary).

  • CDDA Designated boundaries concept
  • The importance of reporting the marine nationally designated areas in the context of the MSFD is provided in this document from 2013