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WISE - Spatial Data (WISE-5) WISE

This data flow includes the EIONET spatial reference datasets relevant for the Water Information System for Europe.

It follows the same data models used in the Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2016 Spatial data reporting.

Data Providers not reporting under WFD (e.g. non-EU Member States) are expected to report under WISE-5.

Data Providers reporting under WFD may also use WISE-5 to provide information on EIONET spatial objects not covered by the WFD reporting, although it is expected that this will be an exceptional situation. Please note that:

Starting with the 2016 Data Call, reporting permissions are managed by the National Focal Points.

Please contact your National Focal Point if you require reporting permissions over CDR.

Dataflow specific instructions

Prefilled shapefiles

A set of prefilled shapefiles containing the information available at the EEA can be found on the restricted area for each country.

If you need support please contact WISE SoE Helpdesk

Conversion tools from Shapefile to GML

The following tools should be used to convert each shapefile into a GML file that can be uploaded to the CDR envelope.

Note that each shapefile must be prepared according to a valid shapefile template

Spatial data specifications

GML schemas

Shapefiles templates

The projection files refer to the following coordinate reference systems: