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WISE Spatial Data reporting resources

Water Framework Directive - River Basin Management Plans - 2022 reporting


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Current version: 7.0.6

Guidance documents

Spatial model quick reference

Quick reference table

Spatial model changes between version 6.0.6 (used in 2016) and version 7.0.6

Changes in spatial model

Quality Control specification

The following specifications are the basis of the quality control tools

UML Data specification

See below the UML diagrams for each dataset:

GML schemas

These are the GML schemas to allow the reporting of the spatial data:

Shapefile templates to prepare the spatial data

Shapefiles can be used to prepare the spatial data. The shapefiles must be converted to GML format (a conversion tool is available in the CDR envelopes). GML is the only format accepted in the final reporting of the spatial data.
These are the shapefile templates for each dataset:

The projection files refer to the following coordinate reference systems: