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Nationally designated areas (CDDA)

This page contains reference material and links for the reporting of the CDDA.

The latest data call is here.

Reporting permissions are managed by the National Focal Points. Please contact your National Focal Point if you require to be assigned with the CDDA reporter role.

If you need support with the reporting, please contact

Dataflow specific instructions

List of INSPIRE national contact points

If you are not already in contact with INSPIRE colleagues in your country, please consult this list and make them aware that you will need a copy of INSPIRE Protected Sites in GML format for the CDDA 2019 reporting.

Conversion tool from Shapefile to GML

If your country is not implementing INSPIRE, you will need to convert shapefiles to GML before uploading to CDR.

Valid coordinate reference systems for the input shapefiles are:

(Excel files are converted to xml when you upload to CDR)

Site code allocation service

The cddaId is the thematic identifier of the CDDA dataset and it is identical with the site code id of the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA ID). In order to keep identification of the CDDA site records compatible with the WDPA, the EEA agreed to use and distribute the site code ids list maintained by the WDPA to the CDDA country reporters.


The CDRSandbox is a training and testing environment similar to the real CDR. Reporters can test the delivery process, quality control checks and workflow with their data or data samples.

Supporting documents

Note on the consequences of restricting the access to the CDDA data for the appearance in European and global statistics

  • CDDA dissemination codes
  • Note on the use of the Designated area type (Designated site or Designated boundary). New version 11-03-2019

  • CDDA Designated boundaries concept
  • The importance of reporting the marine nationally designated areas in the context of the MSFD is provided in this document from 2013

    A list of national participants to the Marine Expert Group of the MSFD, the coordinating working group for marine protected areas in the EU, is provided here to facilitate the coordination of national efforts on marine protected areas

    Screen casts

    The screen casts are without narration.

    Countries implementing INSPIRE will have their CDDA Type 1 data from the INSPIRE Protected Sites GML file. Other countries may use the shp->GML converter above to create the CDDA Type 1 GML file.

    The first screen cast demonstrates examples of data transformation. The screen cast includes:

    The second screen cast shows how to join CDDA Type 2 dataset to the related Type 1 data = INSPIRE Protected Sites (GML format). The software used is QGIS.

    Country folders with prefilled Excel and Shapefile templates and 2017 QC reports

    NOTE - this section is only relevant to countries that did not complete the CDDA submission in 2018.

  • CDDA version 16 (2018) reporting guidelines version 1.1
  • You will have access to your own country only. If you see a blank page after login, please use the "Zip download" botton at the top right corner to download directly the material to your pc.

    The template files are prefilled with the data as reported in 2017. The transformation from the old to the new format and the subsequent prefilling of the template files with information reported in 2017 is described in the Guidelines (Chapter 8).

    Two QA reports address the quality of your latest country delivery and the quality of the European dataset.