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WISE SoE - Water Quality (WISE-4) WISE

The WISE-4 dataflow is no longer active. It has been superseded by WISE-6 for Water quality, and by WISE-2 for Biology reporting.

The following material is intended for national reporters of WISE-4 data.
It describes how to use Reportnet during the reporting process and how to improve the quality of deliveries.

Dataflow specific instructions

Conversion tool from Excel to XML

The following tool should be used to convert a large Excel file to an XML delivery that can be uploaded to the CDR envelope.
Note that the Excel file must be prepared according to a valid template. Refer to the Reportnet Guidance document for further information.

Changes from the 2016 data call

There are no changes to the WISE-4 data model used in the 2016 data call.

The following issues were corrected, as requested by countries:

SoE Content review 2015

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More information

If you need support please contact WISE SoE Helpdesk