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Page updated on September 27th 2019

Marine Strategy Framework Directive reporting resources

Support files for the reporting on the article 18


All enquiries can be directed to

Guidance documents

The following documents have been developed as guides for the reporting process for the Article 18, Progress on PoMs.


Schemas based on Reporting Guidance (to be used for generation of the XML to be submitted to CDR):

Updated on 25.09.2018

Data specifications in UML

The UML provides developers the capacity to implement their own reporting tools.

See below the UML diagrams for human reading:


A web-form has been developed for each schema. The following document has been developed as guide for web-forms.

The web-forms can be accessed at this url You need to click on the 'Create new session file' button to start any questionnaire, in our case 'MSFD Article 18, Progress on PoMs' web form (see the image below).